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Let’s Eat Grandma

Here’s a little story about Jenny & Rosa and what they’ve been calling experimental sludge pop. Starting out as old friends singing funny ditties to each other, their dueting led them to a contract with indie label Transgressive. Let’s Eat Grandma are my favourite band, and I just wanted to tell you about Jenny Hollingworth


The trains weren’t running today. There was something in the tunnels. The ‘meat man’ has now moved. They call him Fleishmann Like the model of the train. Apparently, he wears peoples’ skin. Still, passer-bys ignore him Whilst he punctures his flesh with a pin. “The longer I wear it the more it grows on me;

Escape to TV land!

They say “TV rots your mind. TV is a waste of time. You should be studying.” words by

Catching Sight: Rachel Goodyear

words by Emma Conroy The four storey climb to Rachel Goodyear’s studio through the corridors of Salford’s Islington Mill has the nostalgic familiarity of a high school art department. Encouraged from a young age to pick up pencils and paper by her school teacher parents, and inspired by leafing through illustrated classical mythology books, Rachel


Launching Issue 2! Hiding in Plain Sight

Here is unmasked Issue 2 – Hiding in Plain Sight, launching as part of the Rochdale Festival of

No Such Thing – A Conversation with a Stranger

No Such Thing happens once a month inside Kabana, Back Turner Street, Manchester. A stranger buys you lunch in exchange for a half an hour conversation and this month, I went along. I wasn’t too sure what to expect or how I would even feel about this but it’s an experience everyone must try at

REVIEW: 21,000 Miles of Rail

An engaging performance from an artist named Hannah Butterfield showed us what we all take for granted; the daily drudgery of commuting,

Motor Biking Love

A wedding is seen as white, elegant, princess styled and traditional, with the bridal party arriving in a horse and carriage or a posh car like a Rolls Royce; the first dance and the cutting of the cake. Imagine a wedding that isn’t all about tradition. Imagine a wedding that’s unique to the couple. A

Dungeon Crawler: An Interview With Liam

Liam is a 15-year old lad from Rochdale. I sat down on the big leather sofa at Moss

In the heart of hate

What happens when a young Muslim girl stumbles into the heart of a town centre EDL demonstration? I leaned nonchalantly against a brick wall. Remnants of frost glistened on the ground and I watched as my breath gently curled around my lips. Winter had always brought me a special kind of joy and I revelled