Get into your Headz

A reality check on what makes young minds tick, Headz gets to the heart of urban life.

Getting into the ‘Headz’ of the youth of Liverpool, this is a collection of stories seeking out the heart of urban life with a hard-hitting dose of real and powerful issues. It’s a performance full of secrets and stories just waiting to unravel.

If you want a historical reference for ‘Headz’, look to Alan Bennett breaking ground back in 1988 with his televised monologues ‘Talking Heads’. Bennett’s tales gave us a privileged window into the inner thoughts of ordinary people often revealing more about the subject than they might have intended. But whilst Bennett’s stories focussed on the poignancy of middle age – a widow, an actress, a vicar’s wife – these stories give us a window into the young and disaffected.

Theatre company, 20 Stories High, are behind this series of gritty and humorous contemporary monologues. They are not pulling any punches. You’ve got ‘Black’ where Nikki watches the reaction of her Dad who is ‘not a racist’ to an African family over the road. Or ‘Home’ where we see the reaction of kids to the bombshell of their parents’ separation. Or ‘Soft’ on moving a relationship past just a booty call.
Developed from stories from real life, 20 Stories High present an intense look at modern life that’s a reality check on what makes young people tick.

See Headz as part of Rochdale Literature & Idea Festival on 20 October at Heywood Sports Village.

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