Let’s Eat Grandma

Here’s a little story about Jenny & Rosa and what they’ve been calling experimental sludge pop.

Starting out as old friends singing funny ditties to each other, their dueting led them to a contract with indie label Transgressive. Let’s Eat Grandma are my favourite band, and I just wanted to tell you about Jenny Hollingworth & Rosa Walton and what they’ve been calling experimental sludge pop.


When I first heard the name Let’s Eat Grandma I thought it was a reference to Little Red Riding Hood, so I was surprised to find out it was actually taken from a punctuation joke about a missing comma – get it? I bet that surprises you too. And that’s what Let’s Eat Grandma are all about – the unpredictable.

Jenny Hollingworth & Rosa Walton express every part of their personality in their music. They despise genres. In their world, they think that if you have to make a song in a certain style you cannot express yourself fully. Thoughtful and always thinking, they both claim that together they are misfits yet alone they are normal.

Often mistaken for sisters, the girls in fact share an abnormal bond as friends that they’ve felt ever since they first met in reception class when they were 4 years old. Their friendship outshines other bands like a million dollars to one dollar, but their unusual friendship is not exactly storybook. Rosa and Jenny say they either hang out just the two of them, or absolutely separately. At childhood parties the duo would sit completely away from the other kids, content in their own world.

Rosa and Jenny’s families moved away from each other when the girls were 7, but they kept the connection and now at 17 they are as close as ever.

Rosa and Jenny never planned a career in music – their little ditties were invented just for fun – but when musician Kiran Leonard heard what they were up to he passed the teenager’s tapes to his manager who quickly became their manager too.

Their debut album ‘I Gemini’ consists of 10 absolutely unique songs including Deep Six Textbook, Eat Shittake Mushrooms and Sax In The City. It’s one of the weirdest, most unique and special albums I have listened to.

Instead of being inspired by other artists, the girls prefer to take inspiration from news show talking about unusual types of fungus or murder documentaries. They’re not listening to Ariana Grande, Little Mix, Megan Trainer or Justin Bieber; you’ll find them tuning in to Mozart and Debussy which they pronouce DE Boosie.

Let’s Eat Grandma are not your normal teenage girls. The culture of their music shines along with their friendship and enlightens the whole music scene. Let’s Eat Grandma are quirky and unique. Though still at music college their music is like an unusual sonic flower with strange colours and a beautiful shape. Have a listen and see what you think of Let’s Eat Grandma.

See Let’s Eat Grandma at Manic Street Parade, Munich (27/10).


words Evie-May Taylor

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