Ten Past The Tempest: Spoken Word by Testament

The Tempest has to be one of Shakespeare’s stranger plays. This year the show, ‘Ten Past The Tempest’ takes the renowned work and reimagines it – in a northern bus station. This is a gritty and startling re-telling, with all the mind-bending magic of the original.

The story is given its special twist by Testament, the acclaimed beatboxer and spoken word artist, who uses words to take us on a journey as dark as it is wondrous. His version was penned to commemorate 400 years since the death of the bard. He uses rap, beatbox, song and spoken word to transport us from the past to the present; from the world of Shakespeare to a grim, stark concrete bus station in a post-industrial north.

See ‘Ten Past the Tempest’ by Testament on 20 October 2016 at Hopwood Hall College Theatre Middleton as part of Rochdale Literature & Ideas Festival.

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