The Devil Speaks True

You are in almost total blackness; the characters before you appearing like ghostly shapes. You are wearing headphones so the sounds and words penetrate deep. The audio trickery and mix of video with live performance splinters your sense of reality until you succumb to the production’s own inner world.

The words are drawn from Shakespeare’s Macbeth – you are cast as Banquo as you trace his journey from the blood of the battlefield to ghostly banquet table. Add to that, the words of real servicemen who have risked their lives and seen comrades fall on modern battlefields, so even your sense of time shifts.

This is ‘The Devil Speaks True’. It messes with your head and your senses, but it’s the power of the words that stay with you.

Catch ‘The Devil Speaks True’ at Rochdale Literature & Ideas Festival in October.

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